Local in Nature


Ever been travelling and wished you knew someone who could show you some of the best natural spots in the region? Want to learn about the unique environments of southeast Australia?

Local in Nature provides guided tours of the scenery, wildlife, plants and history on offer in the Canberra-Queanbeyan area and nearby New South Wales.

Your main guide is Ralph Ogden, who has a background in ecology and environmental science. As a nature lover, avid traveler and immigrant to Australia himself (in 1985) Ralph appreciates visitors’ keen interest in this region’s environment and wildlife.


Experience the region’s diverse flora — forests, woodlands, grasslands, heaths, wetlands — and its unique wildlife — kangaroos, wallabies, wombats, birds, platypus, goannas, whales and others  —  and learn about how the landscapes have evolved from before the first Aboriginal inhabitants through to early European settlement and the present day.

Tours are best for small groups of 1-6 people (except educational tours) are mainly half to full-day in length (although some are shorter for those in a rush, or longer to fully appreciate more distant places), and can also take in some local culture – a café, boutique winery, brew-pub or art gallery.

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