Local in Nature

Coast & Parks further afield

Canberra is within 2 to 3 hours drive of some very memorable places. These are best visited by staying overnight.

Contact us to arrange a tour to one of these areas.

south coast of new south wales

Visit one of the nicest settled stretches of coast on the planet, with spectacular beaches that are often backed by forests and heaths, and some great villages and towns. Whales might be spotted in July migrating north and in September to November migrating south, with calves.


  • Beaches for swimming and protected bays for snorkeling
  • Rock platforms and spectacular coastal views
  • Lovely coastal woodlands & heaths (including the haunted Banksia forests!), with remarkable tall forests in pockets
  • Whale sightings (in July and September to November)
  • Seals, birds and goannas
  • Wildflowers (in spring)
  • Traces of Aboriginal habitation

Tracks – of whatever length is desired on beaches, sealed and unsealed paths, and unsealed roads.

Pigeon House Mountain

Set in the southern part of the Sydney Basin, the hard sandstone cap on Pigeon House Mt has resisted erosion while the adjacent land has eroded away, leaving a distinctive shaped mountain.


  • Terrific 360 degree views of national park and the escarpment and coast beyond
  • Diverse forest and heath vegetation with spectacular wildflowers in spring
  • Frequent encounters with birds, kangaroos and wallabies

Track – This is a difficult walk up a steep dirt track at the start followed by a climb up (very solid) ladders at the top. Fit people will breeze up and complete the round-trip in 2-3 hours, but others will be challenged.

Snowy mountains

The Snowy Mountains offer great access to alpine meadows, Snow Gum forests, the mainland’s only glacial lakes, and in the winter, persistent snow cover. There are a wide range of walks. Some can only be walked in summer and feature alpine grasslands and herbfields, including Blue Lake – the largest glacial cirque lake on the mainland of Australia – and Mt Kosciuszko – Australia’s highest peak. Others, like Thredbo River, feature alpine and subalpine forests and can be walked year-round.

Thredbo river in winter:



  • Panoramic views of mountains across meadows
  • Snow! and clear, cold streams
  • Frequent encounters with kangaroos, wallabies and introduced deer, and alpine crows.
  • Being a tourist area, there are a wide variety of good restaurants and cafés, and a distillery, brew pub, and high-altitude winery.

Tracks – Short to long walks on well-maintained paths.