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Country reserves

Country reserves

There are two reserves within forty minutes drive of Canberra-Queanbeyan that are situated in rural settings with bordering forests. These reserves are loaded with wildlife and show traces of past climates and habitation by Aboriginal Australians.

Both these reserves can be visited as a Half-day or Full-day tour. London Bridge can also be visited as a Twilight Tour.

London Bridge

Highlights – This area has incredible variety, from strange landforms to lovely forests.

  • Grasslands with kangaroos and wombats (best viewed in mornings and evenings), possible encounter with a Swamp Wallaby or Echidna.
  • Aboriginal stone tool artefacts (which cannot be collected; no exceptions!).
  • ‘London Bridge’ limestone with stream passing through it.
  • Patches of alpine trees in the cooler valley sites – relicts of cooler times.

Track – dirt road, vehicle track, or path, mainly through gentle hills, taking 1-4 hours depending on side trips and pace.


Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve


  • Packed with Australian native fauna, some in pens for easy viewing, and others roaming wild in the reserve: playtpus, koalas, all kinds of kangaroos and wallabies, emus, brolgas and more.
  • You’ll have to drive a long ways to find nicer forests, woodlands, and grasslands than can be found here.
  • Granite tors (huge boulder formations on ridges and the tops of hills), which can be visited, and some of which were used by Aboriginal people as rock shelters.
  • There can be snow in the hills in winter.

Track– Dirt road, vehicle track, path or route through forest. The terrain is gentle hills grading to steeper terrain towards the boundaries. You can walk a short way or many kilometers, in minutes to 5 hours, depending on the routes taken, side trips and pace.

Some tracks allow wheelchair access.